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Online Therapy

Online Therapy (United Kingdom)

Online therapy includes a variety of mental health services offered over the internet. I offer real-time online psychotherapy for individuals based in both South Africa and in the United Kingdom. The process of online therapy remains the same as in-person therapy; however, instead of being in my practice, we will engage via Zoom.  


Some advantages of online therapy is that it is convenient for those individuals who struggle with time. It also creates accessibility for those people with physical limitations, as well as accessibility to ‘specialist’ therapists who are not in your area or even in the same country. Recent research has shown that online psychotherapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy in the treatment of 

moderate depression, anxiety and issues of adjustment. However, there can be certain drawbacks including a lack of in-person contact, but these can be discussed in our first session.


To begin online therapy, please send to me an email or WhatsApp in order to book an appointment time. You will then be asked to fill out the initial interview form found in the contact section of this website, sign it and send it back to me before our first meeting. During our first session together, we will discuss the most appropriate route in order to address what it is you need assistance with.   

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