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Psychotherapy is a Relationship Experience

People come to therapy for a variety of reasons. A common underlying theme for seeking out psychotherapy involves feeling unable to cope with life’s complexity on one’s own. Usually, when facing problems that need solving or when we experience confusing internal struggles, we turn to our relationships for support. This support can include emotional understanding, material aid, and the sharing of important information.

Sometimes; however, close

relationships cannot offer support in the way that we would want them to. Although others often mean well, support comes at an emotional, physical, or even social price. During times of stress, such as during a pandemic (Covid-19), our significant others’, friends’ and family’s emotional resources can become depleted causing ‘disconnect’ in relationships. This can lead to one feeling ‘cut off’ from others – isolated and alone. Social disconnection and isolation have been shown to be a major factor in recent global rises in anxiety and depression.

Quite often, a commitment to psychotherapy can alleviate the pressure placed on our close relationships to ‘solve’ unpleasant life-experiences. This alleviation of pressure can translate into deeper intimate connection and mutual support.

Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to connect with another: to experience being present with another human being and to create a professional, supportive relationship within a transparent and ethical frame. Although ‘evidence-based, manualised’ therapy techniques seem to be the order of the day, it’s still the therapy relationship that remains the number one healing mechanism within the art of psychotherapy!


· People come to psychotherapy when life’s complexity becomes too much to bear;

· Stressful times can cause our support networks to become depleted;

· Depleted support networks can result in feeling isolated and disconnected:

· Social disconnection and isolation can result in vulnerability to anxiety and depression;

· Psychotherapy can help to alleviate pressure placed on close relationships; and

· Commitment to psychotherapy is an opportunity to connect with another.


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